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#Bedbugs can lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime. Don’t let an extreme infestation like this happen to you #CHA
What’s the size of an apple seed, feeds on human blood and can be found everywhere? A #bedbug #CHA
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Happy Easter! Jesus is Alive! #CHA
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Blacklegged ticks are frequently called "deer ticks" but will also feed on mice, dogs, and humans. #NPMM #ticks #CHA
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  • ~ Kristin – Chattanooga

    "Wow. What a difference! We had another local company come out and treat the property after we were just moving into it. The difference between that company and GPM was like the difference between night and day. GPM showed up, walked the property, discussed their approach, and then got to work. Daniel was there for almost 2 hours. Started with the outside, then, put the shoe covers on and got busy on the inside. Put out ant traps (we were having an extreme ant problem in the kitchen (ewww) as well as other places) and took care of the inside.His service was excellent, so friendly and professional. I can see why GPM has such a high rating here. If you want a true professional and have the feeling of "money well spent," call GPM."

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