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GPM became chartered in 2006 after many years of pest control service for a variety of specialties. These included field crop pest control, residential, commercial and industrial pest control service. We are licensed and bonded both in Tennessee and Georgia.


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Random Testimonial

  • ~ Brandon – Rossville, GA

    "We are so glad we switched to GPM. We get great service and personalized care. We have a friend now not just a pest control service. John is extremely knowledgeable, energetic and always willing to help. He always calls to give us a reminder of our service day so that we can be prepared. It’s truly quality affordable service. I would highly recommend GPM to everyone who is looking for a quality pest control service. GPM is a family not a big corporation so they are able to tailor the care to you personally. They always go above and beyond. They have even used the more expensive treatments for us with out charging more because it was needed at the time. We always feel that we are put first, even if the treatment costs more for GPM to use. They are all about the customer and what he/she needs. It’s nice to have such great pest control service. Oh yeah, and there haven’t been any more pests since we started using GPM over 2 years ago."

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